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Arnitel: Better, brighter living

From skiing equipment to high performing textiles, Arnitel® is helping to support sport. And from furniture to domestic tools to outdoor clothes, we’re creating brighter lives for the world’s consumers.
Close up of an athlete in the starting position on a running track

Breathable Textiles

The optimum management of moisture and air is the key to breathable clothing. Our Arnitel Vapor Transmission (VT) breathable film delivers by bringing comfort and breathability to textiles with a proven track record in recreational and sports clothing.

The material stays flexible for maximum freedom of movement in a wide temperature range. It can be washed without loss of performance and is used pure, without the need for treatment with toxic impregnation chemicals.

Soft touch

Arnitel is an ideal material for 2k tool overmolding thanks to its excellent adhesion (no de-lamination of the Arnitel layer from the substrate) and aesthetics – which provide a fantastic look and feel perfect for differentiation in competitive consumer markets.

Gaming consoles, kitchenware, consumer durables, and mobile phones all benefit from the outstanding adhesion of Arnitel to polar polymers ranging from PC and ABS to PBT and PS. And importantly, it can reduce systems costs.

Sports shoes

The combination of strength and flexibility makes Arnitel Eco ideal for use in running shoes. In fact, we have identified 10 different areas of the shoe where the material can be used to improve performance.

As a general rule, think of it as a rather stiff rubber. It’s not quite hard enough to make a baseball bat, but not quite as soft as silicon rubber  (but good for most things in between).

Applications for the sports shoe include the sole of the shoe (where its elasticity provides added ‘bounce’); the heel of the shoe (for shock absorption); the top of the shoe where Arnitel Eco is easy to color, ideal for branding; and body of the shoe, where it's ability to ‘stretch and block’ provides he perfect housing for the foot.