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Arnitel in E&E: The powerful choice

A great combination of properties combined with versatile processing make Arnitel® an increasingly popular choice for the demanding applications of the E&E industry, from connectors in white goods to wiring and switchgears.
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Arnitel helps the E&E industry tackle many of today’s key technological challenges – not least the ability to develop smaller, thinner but more functional products: For example, by increasing pin densities and longer connectors with thinner walls and finer pitches.

Because of its high solder temperature Arnitel can be used for lead-free Surface Mount Technology – crucial as the E&E is put under more pressure than ever to use greener materials and processes (Arnitel is also available in halogen-free and red phosperous free grades).

And since Arnitel doesn’t absorb much moisture, the properties don’t change even when ambient humidity levels are high – another reason why it’s an excellent material for connectors as well as power distribution solutions.

All this doesn’t just benefit people and planet, but also profit – through higher productivity and total cost-down solutions.

The future

What’s driving the industry and what will drive it in the future? The need for materials that can operate in extreme conditions; are proven to be safe and sustainable; and are able to continue reducing systems costs.

That’s why we will continue to study issues like environmental compliance, tracking, safety standards, warpage, and blistering with the simple of goal of using this to make our materials – and our customers – better.