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Arnitel: Beyond the comfort zone

The furniture industry is looking for ever smarter (and greener) solutions to please consumers. Arnitel® offers a unique combination of stiffness, elongation and creep resistance for seating applications – combined with the all-important quality of comfort. It’s also ideal for bed springs.
Close-up of the seat back of an office chair with man's hand behind it

Versatility is a very important quality in contemporary furniture design – which is why we offer Arnitel in a wide range of different grades and hardnesses. Not only can you design to meet any seating comfort needs but you can also meet the needs of the planet: Arnitel is 100% recyclable, fitting perfectly into a Cradle to Cradle design concept.

Herman Miller: Sitting pretty

We joined forces with leading furniture manufacturer Herman Miller by using Arnitel for the seating layers in its innovative Embody® chair.

Arnitel is used in the ‘global layer’ of the seating, providing the right blend of strength, flexibility and comfort-for-use, representing one of the key components in the seat’s unique pixilated design.

Bed Springs

Arnitel’s innate flexibility is ideal for molding bedsprings and mattress springs.

Our Arnitel P grades not only perform reliably over the long-term but their high flow qualities and fast crystallization times enable a significant cycle time reduction compared to competitive products – with a subsequent lowering of costs.

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