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About Dyneema®

Dyneema®, more than just the world's strongest fiber

Dyneema® is the world’s strongest and lightest fiber. It’s 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis and 40% stronger than aramid. Yet it can float on water. This combination of extreme strength and low weight make it suitable for a wide and expanding number of applications.

The huge range of uses include:

  • Super strong yet light mooring ropes, crane ropes, and aquaculture nets 
  • Cut-resistant protective gloves and high-strength threads for medical applications 
  • Bullet-resistant vests and highly advanced anti-ballistic vehicle armor
  • Fuel-saving lightweight airplane cargo nets and containers 
  • High performance clothing, shelters, footwear, backpacks, and sports equipment 

Dyneema®: a revolution founded on persistence

The fiber that would be later known as Dyneema® was invented by accident in 1968 by DSM chemist Dr. Albert Pennings. He was doing research into polyethylene when he discovered a thread he couldn’t pull apart. DSM was a coal mining and fertilizer company and the reaction from his boss was complete disinterest. But Pennings and others saw the potential of this astounding fiber. Over 20 years and much R&D later, this super strong, super lightweight fiber went into production as Dyneema® ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE). 

Used wherever only the best will do

Dyneema® fiber is used in a large and rapidly growing range of applications. From protective gloves to ropes used for mooring deepwater oil rigs and the world’s largest ships. From aquaculture nets to revolutionary composites and laminates. From ballistic vests and panels to technical clothing and medical thread.

Done with Dyneema®: the fiber behind iconic moments

The use of Dyneema® has produced many iconic images, including helping to right the Costa Concordia cruise ship, off the coast of Italy, and placing the spire on New York’s Freedom Tower.

Cubic Tech brings composite fabrics to Dyneema® portfolio

The 2015 purchase of Cubic Tech extended the Dyneema® brand into high performance fabrics. Today known as Dyneema® Fabrics, Cubic Tech’s impressive pedigree covers a dizzying array of high performance applications: airships, lightweight outdoor products, footwear, medical devices, inflatable structures and beams, parachutes, large kites, balloons, flexible circuits, space applications, and more. 

New markets and applications

The ongoing growth of the Dyneema® portfolio underlines our determination to remain the leading brand for ultra high performance synthetic fibers. For existing applications that can be improved. And for those yet to come that only Dyneema® make possible.