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Celebrate 50 years at OTC and prepare for an innovative future

Houston, Texas, USA

06 May 2019 to 09 May 2019

Dyneema® licensees are exhibiting at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2019 at various booths. Experience the latest innovations in the offshore industry with ropes, slings and synthetic link chains made with Dyneema® by visiting our partners.

Meet our licensees

Samson (booth #4079)

Samson partners with offshore customers to provide high-performance ropes that replace steel wire in many applications.

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Lankhorst Ropes/WireCo
(booth #1861)

Lankhorst Ropes engineers, customizes and produces a complete package of
specialty products for the most demanding applications.

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Hampidjan (booth #4561)

By choosing Hampidjan's advanced DynIce ultra-high performance ropes for offshore applications, you can be sure that you're using products that are at the cutting edge of known technology.

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Van Beest (booth #1673)

Van Beest is the leading manufacturer of premium quality lifting, lashing and mooring fittings sold under brands such as Green Pin®, Excel®, Tycan® and Irizar Forge.

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Teufelberger (booth #3849)

Teufelberger manufactures high-tech fiber ropes for the Commerical Marine sector.

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DSR (booth #1350)

DSR offers fiber ropes and slings/webbings for various applications, such as mooring, lifting, fishing, oil and gas, mining, crane, and construction.

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Geo Gleistein (booth #3625)

From durable mooring lines and complete towing systems through to satisfying heavy-duty offshore demands and customised solutions for individual requirements: ropes from Gleistein keep the field of commercial marine moving.

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Bexco (booth #4961)

Bexco purpose-builds ropes designed for offshore heavy lifts, subsea installations, decommissioning, pull-in operations, shallow water mooring and pipe laying operations.

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Meet our development partners

Huisman (booth #1425)

Huisman offers worldwide lifting, drilling and subsea solutions.

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MacGregor (booth #4239)

MacGregor continuously develops solutions that are smarter, safer and more cost-efficient, creating value for their customers throughout the lifecycle of their vessels and installations.

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Discover Dyneema® in the offshore industry

Mooring ropes and heavy lift slings made with Dyneema® are significantly more durable, safer, stronger or lighter than any alternative.

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Reduce your total operational costs

The light weight Dyneema® means you can do the same job with fewer people and, in may cases, use smaller equipment.

Get more information on how to optimize your offshore operations in our presentation "Reducing total operational costs, only with Dyneema®''. Also want to know what our experts have to say? Watch the complete webinar here.

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Work smarter with Dyneema®

Heavy industry is changing. On land, sea and in the air, solutions with Dyneema® empower the industry to realize some of the world’s most ambitious projects. Learn how you can work safer, deeper, longer and faster with Dyneema®.

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