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DSM Dyneema unveils black Dyneema®

The Netherlands, 10 November 2015 - Permanent coloration combined with all excellent fiber properties of Dyneema®. Dyneema®-branded ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is now available in black. DSM Dyneema, the developer and producer of Black Dyneema®, says the new product will open up important new opportunities for the Dyneema® fiber family. Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber on a weight for weight basis and is already used in applications that range across sectors as diverse as sports & leisure, aquaculture, and protective apparel.

Black Dyneema® is the latest result of DSM Dyneema bringing together its science, technology and engineering expertise in response to market needs that continue to change and develop.

Black Dyneema® is similar to natural white Dyneema® fiber, except that it is permanently colored throughout its cross-section. The coloring process has no effect on any of the key mechanical properties of the fiber, nor on its smooth surface. Very high breaking strength and stiffness, low density, low elongation, excellent durability, chemical, moisture and UV resistance are all retained, as is the fiber’s quality consistency.

Until now, Dyneema® fiber has only been available in its natural white color. If users wanted to use the fiber in an application requiring color, they needed to post-treat it. But UHMWPE fibers are almost inert chemically, so the colors, which are only on the surface, tend to wear off.

DSM Dyneema expects Black Dyneema® fiber to extend the use of Dyneema® in existing applications, and to take it into totally new markets. There are some consumer applications where, although the mechanical and physical properties of natural colored Dyneema® provide a perfect fit, aesthetic considerations limit its use. Possible examples where Black Dyneema® might provide a compelling alternative include yachting lines, specific military applications, specialty ropes, nets and high performance sportswear. In addition, customers across diverse markets have already asked for a Black Dyneema® fiber that can be combined with other, dark-colored materials.

The company also expects new applications to arise where the fiber needs to be invisible or nearly invisible. In areas such as fishing lines, for example, where Dyneema® is already widely used, Black Dyneema® will extend the market scope.

Black Dyneema® is another demonstration of DSM Dyneema’s continuous commitment to innovation, and the company’s ability to find solutions to market requirements.