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Newly developed premium line of OXXA safety gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology

The Netherlands, 25 November 2015 - OXXA recently extended its protective glove portfolio with a new generation of products that once again raises the bar for the performance, wearability, dexterity and flexibility of safety gloves. As the first tangible result of the company’s recent partnership with DSM Dyneema, the new glove range incorporates Dyneema® Diamond Technology, the revolutionary fiber developed by DSM Dyneema, providing both exceptional cut resistance and enhanced comfort, and ensuring increased hand safety and productivity.

The new OXXA gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology are available with two different coatings and feature cut levels rated at EN388 3 and 5. The initial launch of the new line comprises four new glove models made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology, which represents an important extension of the OXXA Safety Products high-end range of cut-resistant protective gloves.

Two of the new models are being launched under the brand name X-Diamond-Pro. Comfortable and thin, these multipurpose gloves boast a polyurethane palm coating and are available with a 13-gauge liner for cut level 3 protection or an 18-gauge liner for level 5 cut resistance. Highly abrasion-resistant for industrial applications, the gloves are designed with an extra long cuff for added forearm protection.

The two other new models, available under the name X-Diamond-Flex, offer similar levels of cut resistance, but have foam nitrile-coated palms for a dry grip, even under oily or wet conditions.

Incorporating DSM Dyneema’s advanced technology into this latest product line opens immense opportunities for OXXA’s range of protective gloves. Dyneema® Diamond Technology already protects millions of hands around the globe. With the creation of a new generation of top-of-the-line OXXA safety gloves, the technology now delivers the best in hand protection and comfort to an even wider user group.

Olivier Boubeaud, Global Business director at DSM Dyneema said: “The importance of well-made protective gloves designed to provide both enhanced worker comfort and the highest level of hand safety cannot be emphasized enough. In many industries, workers want gloves that provide protection, but don’t feel like gloves. Dyneema® Diamond Technology solves this problem, setting a new standard for cut resistance and comfort. We are pleased and proud that Majestic is now introducing this new glove line made with our Dyneema® Diamond Technology in the Benelux.”

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