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Dyneema® at Enforce Tac 2018

The Netherlands, 26 February 2018 - Dyneema® is present at Enforce Tac 2018 (booth 327 in Hall 11.1) to showcase its extensive ballistics protection materials and the 'green advantage' of Dyneema® in PPE gear.

Next-generation armor technology will be on display at this year’s Enforce Tac exhibition on March 7-8 in Nuremberg, Germany, where DSM Dyneema will showcase its innovative materials used by armor manufacturers to create the latest best-in-class hard and soft ballistics solutions. At booth 327 in Hall 11.1, DSM will highlight a wide range of Dyneema® materials that have been commercialized by leading armor companies in applications for military and law enforcement personal protective equipment (PPE), such as ballistic vests, inserts, shields and helmets, to protect the lives of Military and law enforcement officers in demanding situations.

In vests, Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology enables a highly comfortable, flexible solution that meets the German SK1 body armor standard at the lowest Areal Density (AD). Dyneema® unidirectional (UD) materials already are finding extensive use in German PPE gear, including in both advanced soft and hard ballistics applications. These highly engineered products combine proven, high-level protection in thinner, lighter-weight constructions, for maximum comfort and agility.

Dyneema® is also used by various German OEMs to develop protection systems that offer lightweight platform protection, on land, sea and air vehicles.

Sustainability is a core value of DSM and Dyneema® delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength, communicated as Dyneema®, The Greenest Strength™. Building on its ‘Greenest Strength’ mission, DSM Dyneema will display a creative way to repurpose material from out-of-service soft armor vests made with Dyneema®. For this DSM has worked with a design company to create a functional, prototype table using recycled Dyneema® UD sheets, an example that demonstrates DSM Dyneema’s continuing emphasis on improving the environmental footprint of its manufacturing processes and its commitment to reducing waste in the value chain.

For more information, and to see these displays of next-generation armor technology firsthand, visit DSM Dyneema at Enforce Tac, booth 327 /Hall 11.1.

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