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DSM Dyneema successfully defends attack against one of its key patents in China

The Netherlands, 20 January 2020 - Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition, materials, today announced the successful defense of one of its key patents in China. The patent relates to the company’s innovative Dyneema® cut resistant yarns that are used in several protective applications, especially gloves with the highest levels of cut resistance available in the market.

Competition tried to have the patent invalidated. They did not succeed. This outcome once again confirms the quality and value of our patents”, says Olivier Janin, VP Marketing and Sales of DSM Dyneema. 

The result of this decision further adds to the company’s positive track record in intellectual property (IP) cases. It confirms the strength of DSM Dyneema IP portfolio that protect the company’s innovations, as well as protecting our customers against copycats and possible infringements.

The patent for this innovation is granted and protected in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition to this patent, DSM Dyneema patent portfolio covers more than 200 UHMWPE fiber and fabric related inventions, protected by nearly 2000 individual patents and patent applications in numerous countries worldwide. This vast IP portfolio is the result of the company’s enduring focus on innovation in the field of high performing fibers aimed at protecting people in mechanical industrial markets.

Innovation is about creating technological advancements and bringing game-changing material science solutions to our customers. This is what makes DSM Dyneema the innovation leader in UHMWPE fibers and fabrics. Protecting our advanced solutions via IP certification is of highest importance to our business. We have consistently and vigorously defended our innovations and IP in numerous industries and will continue to do so”, said Olivier Janin.

More information about Dyneema® can be found on the website