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“Those who risk their lives for us, deserve the best protection”

LZPD equipped their police officers with 10,000 vests made with PE material

30 September 2016 - The State Office for Central Police Services of North Rhine-Westphalia (LZPD) has equipped their police officers with 10,000 new high-tech protective vests, driven by the extreme conditions the police services are confronted with.

The hard armor protective panels inside these vests are made with polyethylene material to protect against automatic weapons.

Maximum mobility, maximum protection

“The LZPD operates tactically professional,” says Home Secretary Ralf Jäger. "[The old] vests that are as heavy as concrete bags, are a safety hazard in extremely dangerous situations […]”

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Original German passages:
“Wer für unsere Sicherheit seinen Kopf hinhält, bekommt die beste Ausrüstung” (Innenminister Ralf Jäger, 2016).

“Die NRW-Polizei agiert taktisch professionell. Westen, die schwer wie Zementsäcke sind, werden in extrem gefährlichen Lagen wie Terroranschlägen oder Amokläufen zum Sicherheitsrisiko” (Innenminister Ralf Jäger, 2016).

Translated quotations that appeared in the press release;
NRW-Polizei bekommt 10.000 Hightech-Schutzwesten (NRW, 2016, https://www.land.nrw/de/pressemitteilung/nrw-polizei-bekommt-10000-hightech-schutzwesten). 

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