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Dyneema® powers Team Giant-Alpecin’s new riders’ shorts.

Cycling shorts providing protection and comfort

01 July 2015 - For every cyclist, professional and amateur, the thigh area is a very vulnerable body part. Fortunately, Team Giant-Alpecin and DSM teamed up and designed cycling shorts that protect exactly this area.

Containing Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber, these shorts provide cyclists peak protection while meeting critical comfort requirements. This reduces the risk of serious injuries and enhances the fun of cycling. Watch the video and find out for yourself.

New Protective Cycling Shorts with Dyneema® for Team Giant-Alpecin

Watch the video


Victory is a team effort. That is why the professional riders of Team Giant-Alpecin always rely on their teammates. Be it their co-players on bikes or their partners in the wings, like technical staff, clothing supplier, fabric manufacturer, and the scientific team at DSM. Together, they are always innovating to make every team effort a victorious one. Start the video and see for yourself or scroll down for further rider and team information.

Koen de Kort

Dutch rider Koen de Kort (1982) started his cycling career back in 1996. Within a year he won several races, evidence he is a born winner on wheels. In 2005 Koen went pro and now is one of the most experienced riders of Team Giant-Alpecin.

In 2014, De Kort once again proved his strength as a lead-out rider by playing a key roll in the stage wins at the Tour de France.

For the near future, Koen is eager to help the team win its first monument.

John Degenkolb

Inspired by his father’s passion for the sport, John Degenkolb (1989) started his love for cycling as a young boy in Germany.

John took his cycling to a professional level in 2011 and joined Team Giant-Alpecin in 2012. Many of his teammates admire John for his complete dedication to achieve his set goals. This dedication helped him to finish second on two occasions at the Tour de France 2014.

This near-victories have made John even more eager to win this year.

Technical info

DSM, the global Life Sciences and Material Sciences company, is the innovative force behind Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber.

Dyneema® has proven its extreme strength and lightweight in a range of products such as ropes and lines for fishing, maritime and sailing, military and law enforcement gear like and performance textiles such as cut resistant gloves and the lightweight, bi-elastic cycling shorts with enhanced protection that will debut at the Tour de France 2015.


At the start of 2015, Team-Giant Alpecin and DSM announced their innovation partnership. Through this collaboration, Team Giant-Alpecin can fully benefit from DSM’s innovative power in the field of materials and nutrition, with improved performance and safety as a potential result.

The new shorts that feature Dyneema® fiber are a great example of this valuable partnership. These shorts are the successful result of close cooperation between DSM scientists, fabric manufacturer Taiana, clothing supplier Etxeondo, and Team Giant-Alpecin’s technical staff.

Iwan Spekenbrink, CEO of Team Giant-Alpecin is delighted with the partnership that led up to these new, protective shorts: “To maximally focus on their performance, riders need to feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately riders sometimes crash. The protection and safety offered by incorporating Dyneema® helps substantially in the reduction of wounds and injuries of the riders which give a positive impact on their performance.”

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