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How lightweight pallet nets benefit Air France-KLM

Lightweight pallet nets made with Dyneema®

11 March 2014 - For a company facing rising costs and ever tougher competition, air cargo nets made with Dyneema® are just the ticket. See how Air France-KLM- Martinair Cargo is saving fuel, cutting operating costs, improving safety, and cutting emissions – with Dyneema®.

Lightweight Air Cargo Nets With Dyneema®

Airlines are facing rising costs and ever tougher competition. Air cargo nets made with Dyneema® can make a difference.


The story on lightweight air cargo nets

Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo first began thinking about the benefits of lighter air cargo nets after DSM Dyneema supplied the raw material for stronger cockpit doors. This led both companies to think about other ways strong yet lightweight solutions made with Dyneema® could benefit the airline’s operations. According to Frits Roukens, Manager Equipment Control KLM-Martinair, using Dyneema® to make lightweight pallet nets was one of the first options identified.

To develop a net that would meet the industry’s requirements and outperform traditional polyester on every count, DSM Dyneema worked closely with aviation specialist AmSafe Bridport.With success. Today, Air France-KLM is proving that lightweight pallet nets made with Dyneema® reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions, and are more cost-effective, as this infographic shows.

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