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Our Ambitions

High-performance and environmentally sustainable products are the future. Creating solutions that improve and protect life, without polluting or poisoning the natural environment is an integral part of who we are as a company.

What are we committing to do? 

We are already protecting 30 million service personnel and workers around the world. Our facilities are already using 75% renewable electricity from wind power which saves CO2 emissions equivalent to nearly 13,000 vehicles off the road for one year.

We constantly strive to reduce our emissions, as well as the amount of water and energy we use during production. Through continuous R&D, we’re aiming to constantly enhance the performance and durability of Dyneema®, resulting in solutions that require less material, without compromising on performance and all while minimizing our environmental impact. 

We can make a positive impact together

We cannot do this alone. We work with our employees, our customers, and our shareholders. Join us.

Governments, consumers, progressive companies, and many of the world’s leading brands share our vision. Today, it is critical that we and our partners have a clear and positive impact on the planet and society at large. We are actively collaborating and working with our partners to address the topics that matter and take action. If you want to work with us on creating solutions for a sustainable future, get in touch today.

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