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People at DSM Dyneema

The DSM brand promise is to create brighter lives for people today and for generations to come. That means improving lives through our activities, products, and innovations.

DSM People Life Cycle Analyses Tool

Within this context, we encourage our employees to think of innovative ways to help other people. We use the ‘DSM People Life Cycle Analyses Tool’ to assess the impact of DSM Dyneema products on the lives of those involved in making them (our people) and on the lives of those who use them (our customers and our customers’ customers). We focus on four dimensions – Health Condition, Comfort & Well-Being, Working Conditions, and Community Development.

Develop and nurture

Finally, we recognize that the first step to achieving our sustainability goals is to develop and nurture our own employees. We are committed to increasing the diversity of our organization and nurturing an externally focused high-performance culture in which people take personal responsibility for their actions. Most importantly in an industrial environment, Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) continues to be our top priority.

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