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Planet at DSM Dyneema

As part of DSM Dyneema’s commitment to sustainable production, we routinely undertake full cradle-to-grave eco-footprint studies. Working with our customers and supply chain partners, we seek to assess the impact in terms of use of resources, energy requirements and on the environment of employing solutions that are made with Dyneema® compared with mainstream alternatives. We are proud to say that in all the cases we have studied so far – which cover more than 75% of our business – products made with Dyneema® demonstrate a lower eco-footprint than their alternatives. We call this ECO+.

Continuously innovating

In addition to understanding the environmental impact of our current products and solutions, we are continuously innovating to bring new and improved products to the market. We also work with our partners to implement different business models where these could accelerate adoption and protect shared value.

Preserve and protect

In these ways we aim to reconcile economic growth and consumption with the need to preserve and protect our planet and its resources. As a result we focus on activities, products and innovations that reduce the environmental footprint of both DSM Dyneema and all our stakeholders.

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