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Profit at DSM Dyneema

The way we see it, profitability and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Our goal is therefore to find good, sustainable, commercially viable solutions to everything from reducing the impact of aviation on the environment to protecting athletes. That means quickening the speed of innovation, developing new materials, and creating sustainable business models.

Understanding the world's megatrends

Our pursuit of sustainable profitability based on shared value is based on understanding the world’s megatrends and helping to solve the challenges they create for us all. Among the many changes this requires is learning to involve and collaborate with the many parties in our often complex value chains.


For example, we have collaborated with Marine Harvest, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and ING Bank to develop alternative business models to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable containment solutions for the aquaculture industry around the world. 

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