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Proof Military & Law Enforcement equipment and sustainability

Military & Law Enforcement equipment at DSM Dyneema

Dyneema® has an outstanding name as a Military & Law Enforcement equipment material and we are continually working to increase the ballistic protection it offers. But did you know that Dyneema® is also an environmental choice?

Up to 30% lighter

The low density and high strength inherent to ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) means that Dyneema® fiber offers better protection with lower weight – in fact, it’s up to 30% lighter than next-best solutions. And less weight means less material. Equipment made with Dyneema® is also proven to last long too. Which means less material, lasting a long time. Good for the environment.

Up to 30% less CO2 emission is produced

In addition to leveraging UHMwPE’s natural environmental benefits, DSM Dyneema makes every effort to reduce production waste and energy consumption. We also work with our partners to reduce the environmental impact throughout the ballistics supply chain. Independent studies have found that on a like for like basis, up to 30% less CO2 emissions compared with alternative materials, when manufacturing a protective vest made with grade SB21 [NIJ01.01.04 – 3A]. That's all the way from the fiber production, to the final vest.

More sense to work with thermal recycling

When it comes to end of life, the Dyneema® carbon footprint is so low that it makes more sense from a CO2 perspective to work with thermal recycling than with mechanical recycling. There’s another good reason as well: with today’s high efficiency incineration plants, the energy generated can be captured and re-used.

Less fuel or more payload

Vehicle armor made with Dyneema® outperforms all alternatives. Comparing a typical Light Multi Role Vehicle for the EMEA market, armor made with Dyneema® outperforms Aramids , Glass, Steel and other HMPE on strength, weight, and complete eco-footprint. Specifying armor made with Dyneema® is the easiest way to secure best-in-class ballistic protection, lower transportation costs, and a superior carbon footprint across the full lifecycle of the vehicle. It also offers another great choice: lower fuel consumption or higher payloads.

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