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Versatile, customizable Accessories

Set new standards for weight, strength, and endurance

Innovative outdoor, sports and lifestyle brands are using Dyneema® fabrics for multiple types of high-tech accessories. Accessories where high strength to weight, stretch resistance, versatility, and customization options add up to a powerfully appealing differentiator.

Durable and ultralight fabrics for outdoor gear

Dyneema® is commited to research, development and staying ahead with the latest advances in materials technology. We have a strong focus on creating durable and ultralight fabrics for outdoor gear, like bags and backpacks.

The target strategy is to eliminate the unnecessary weight allowing you to move faster, lighter, and more efficiently, which truly increases the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Unlike other synthetic fibers, Dyneema® barely deforms or stretches. The result is a dimensionally stable bag that dampens rather than emplifies shifting loads, making it easier to carry.