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Ultrastrong and lightweight high performance Apparel

More comfort and protection from fewer layers

Dyneema® fabrics' unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding abrasion resistance and durability are helping eliminate the need for traditional, heavy layers in all kinds of activities. Today we're working with leading brands to create a new generation of fabrics.

Unique look with added performance

The key trend in apparel has been to reduce the weight of the garment but keep the extraordinary performance. From advanced explorers to nature enthusiasts, to the urban dwellers, the fabrics with Dyneema® fiber have been widely used in all-season jackets, performing well in all weather conditions and packing small. They were an ideal solution for outerwear that requires a fabric that could be extremely light, yet withstand the rough handling fabrics, we opened the door to demonstrating an ideal material for a wide range of industries and fashion segments. The original look of the fabrics provides instant recognition, as it is connected to the premium quality of Dyneema® materials.

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