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Dyneema® Diamond Technology versus fiberglass

Why risk your hands - or your general health?

Gloves based on Dyneema® Diamond Technology outperform gloves made with fiberglass in real-world situations. This is because it's the fiber itself that gives the gloves their enhanced cut protection, not a brittle, fiberglass add-in.

Long-lasting protective performance

Because workplace conditions won't break Dyneema® Diamond Technology fibers, the material continues to perform long after alternatives have become unsafe. And that's not the only benefit.

  • There are no health concerns about using Dyneema® in gloves
  • Gloves with Dyneema® are flexible and comfortable - so more likely to be worn
  • Broken fiberglass filaments don't protect

The reliable choice from the leader in cut-resistant materials

Job number one for safety managers is to protect. Sleep easier by eliminating the worry that gloves might work in a lab - but not in the real world.

Don't introduce risk

Gloves should protect. And there should be no questions about it. Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber give the user - and the decision maker - peace of mind. Gloves that rely on fiberglass to achieve high cut test scores leave too much to chance.

Cut resistance, cost efficiency & the uncomfortable truth about Fiberglass

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Reducing risks through innovation with Dyneema®

The #1 risk factor for hand injuries is not wearing gloves. And the main reason that people don’t wear them is because they find them uncomfortable. At DSM Dyneema we understand these problems, and we've dedicated ourselves to solving them through innovation. When it comes to hand protection, we have the fiber, the know-how, and the resources. 

Dyneema® Diamond Technology vs Glass infographic

Where to buy

Only Cut Resistant Gloves made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your Cut Resistant Glove with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.