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Convention-breaking next-level Denim

Tougher yet just as comfortable as regular denim

Denim was always the choice for people who need sturdy, protective workwear. Dyneema® is the strongest and most durable fiber in the world. So combining the two is the perfect way to increase durability, toughness, protection, and cut resistance, without reducing comfort.

Durability, protection and comfort

Dyneema® ultra-lightweight fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40-percent stronger than aramid fiber weight for weight.

Properties of Dyneema® enhance all aspect of classic denim: durability, protection and comfort. The colour degrades, but the performance remains intact. Supple and soft to the touch. Ideal fabric for extreme heavy duty applications or extreme sports.

Tough, tougher, toughest

Fashion and urban wear: Including 5-10% Dyneema® increases the abrasion resistance of 100% denim by 250-600%, tear resistance by 50-100%, and tensile strength by 25-100%.

Action sportswear: Dyneema® increases the abrasion resistance by 10-20% compared with cotton-HT nylon blends, and matches them for tear resistance and tensile strength, at only half the amount of Dyneema®.

Motorcycle wear: Using half the amount of Dyneema® improves the abrasion resistance of a single-layer motorcycle denim with aramid by 70%. The like-for-like improvement is 300%. And half the amount of Dyneema® is twice as strong as denim with HT nylon on burst/tensile strength.  

Denim with Dyneema®

Reinforcing Denim with Dyneema® increases abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and tensile strength. Compare the properties of standard, strong, durable and motorcycle denim.

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Watch how Motorcycle Denim with Dyneema® transforms both the denim and motorcycling industries


Where to buy Motorcycle Denim with Dyneema®?

For Motorcycle Denim with Dyneema® that outperforms typical denim by the factor of seven, yet ages like regular denim without sacrificing performance, please contact us.

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Watch how Durable Denim with Dyneema® undergoes the ultimate test


Where to buy Durable Denim with Dyneema®?

For Durable Denim with Dyneema® that creates high-strength technical fabric that doesn't look or feel like high-strength technical fabric, ideal for workwear and action sports, please contact one of these mills.