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Maximize radar performance with Dyneema®

Discover Dyneema® Crystal Technology for radomes

Radomes pose a complex design challenge: they have to safeguard highly sensitive radar systems without reducing their performance. Radomes made with Dyneema® Crystal Technology provide maximum transparancy and protection over a wide range of frequencies, with zero signal loss.

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Clear benefits of using radomes with Dyneema®

Dyneema® Crystal Technology is a breakthrough material whose electromagnetic properties outperform all other materials used in radome development, including quartz.

  • Maximum transparency and miniscule loss tangent 
  • Reach maximum range and get broadband performance 
  • Identify smaller objects and receive weak signals  

Ensuring 5G Networks Deliver What They Promise

The move to 5G networks poses many challenges – including how to protect the cellular antennas without impeding performance.

The problem is that many of the materials used at current microwave frequencies are not suitable for 5G. The commonly used epoxy fiberglass, for example, is inadequate. So what now?

Research by Dr. Dennis Kozakoff and a team from DSM Dyneema published in Antenna Systems & Technology, found that Dyneema® shows the least loss and greatest bandwidth performance of all the materials investigated. Plus its low weight and high strength create additional advantages in addition to excellent EM performance.

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Ballistic Radomes With Dyneema® For Military Communications-On-The-Move (COTM)

COTM technology allows those who serve in the military to be in constant communications with one another, and with command and support facilities, regardless of location. Dyneema® is an excellent material for military radomes due to its unique combination of excellent EM properties, high strength and light weight. Additionally, antennas made with Dyneema® can be protected from incoming munitions to maintain the vehicle’s COTM communications ability under all conditions; whereas conventional radomes do not provide any ballistic protection.

New research by Dr. Kozakoff and DSM Dyneema published in MilSatMagazine found revolutionary design procedures for a ballistic radome applicable to military COTM systems.

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The latest innovation in Metal Space Frame protective structures

When L-3 ESSCO learned about Dyneema® Crystal Technology, the company knew it was what it needed to create a new generation of radomes. The outcome is the Durashed Radome™, the latest innovation in Metal Space Frame protective structures.

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A unique material with the potential to transform an industry

The tower-mounted ground surveillance radar made by Pro Patria Electronics faces tough, unrelenting challenges in the field. So the company needed a breakthrough radome design to support and enhance its capabilities. It found the ideal solution by working with Airborne International and DSM Dyneema.  

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The world's strongest radome is invisible to microwaves

Radomes made with Dyneema® Crystal Technology provide the highest protection and performance for sensitive and critical equipment in hostile military environments. Dyneema® Crystal Technology is also the lightest and most durable choice.

In commercial applications like weather stations, air traffic control, cargo ships and civilian airplanes, using radomes with Dyneema® Crystal Technology guarantees enduring performance at the highest level.

For the telecom industry, Dyneema® Crystal Technology’s high transparency across a broad frequency range makes it ideal for broadband applications.

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A breakthrough in radome design: Dyneema® Crystal Technology

Dyneema® is a revolutionary material for making radomes. It is transparent to microwaves and extraordinarily strong and light. Which means you can realize the full potential of your radar or antenna: reach maximum range, see more detail, identify smaller objects, and receive weak signals. Watch the video to discover more.

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A breakthrough in radome design: Dyneema® Crystal Technology


A new benchmark in performance

The electromagnetic properties of Dyneema® Crystal Technology outperform all other materials used for radomes. The technology gives radar systems superior consistency and predictability at the widest range of frequencies, while the high tensile strength and low density make it one of the world’s strongest materials, while being very light.  

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