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Push limits with deepwater installation ropes

Operate safely in ultra-deep waters

Today's deepwater oil and gas fields are pushing traditional steel wire rope beyond its limits. At depths of 2,000 meters and more, the self-weight of steel wire rope starts to limit crane and vessel payloads, further driving up costs and complication.

It's time to cut the weight of the rope

The self-weight of a steel wire rope halves a crane’s capacity at 3,000 meters down. Ropes with Dyneema® are as strong as steel wire rope at the same diameter - but so light they float.

  • For everything from suction piles to subsea templates
  • Safely deploy and retrieve ultra-deepwater installations
  • No self-weight limitations at any depth

MacGregor’s offshore crane with fiber rope

MacGregor's assembles its first fiber-rope offshore crane in Norway. It is called FibreTrac and features a Lanko®Deep rope made with Dyneema® and will be fully DNV certified. Once delivered, FibreTrac will have a 150-tonne safe working load (SWL) capacity at any water depth and will feature an advanced rope monitoring and management system that maximises rope lifespan and provides clear lift line status information for the operator at all times. This technology will offer a lower cost of ownership versus steel wire rope cranes.

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Huisman fiber-rope in subsea deployment crane

At OTC2018 Huisman launched a Hybrid Fiber Rope System for subsea deployment using a fiber rope solution of Samson, made with Dyneema®. This revolutionary fiber rope system for subsea deployment crane applications pushes the boundaries of what can be deployed in subsea applications.

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Pipelaying at depths of up to 2,200 meters

High-strength, low-weight slings produced by BEXCO and made with Dyneema® SK78 allow flexible, safe and easy handling onboard the world’s largest offshore vessel.

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Shell Perdido Spar subsea installation in the Gulf of Mexico

Ropes with Dyneema® are used in the deepest offshore projects in the world. Shell, for example, chose Samson's Quantum-12 ropes for the Perdido Spar platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform’s subsea system has to work at depths approaching 2,800 meters, while handling payloads of up to 40,000 kg.

Deep Tek Soft Rope System increases every vessel's capacity

The Soft Rope System from Deep Tek opens up opportunities to use synthetic rope in ultra-deep water. With the AHC drum winch system, any size vessel can lift a heavier load than it can using steel wire rope. This increases a boat's productivity in relation to its size, boosting earning capacity and competitiveness.

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Dyneema® XBO Technology

Rope made with HMPE fiber already outperforms other synthetic fibers on bending performance. Now, with Dyneema® XBO Technology, HMPE ropes can have similar bending performance as specialty steel wire ropes. Result: Dyneema® XBO Technology significantly extends the service life of HMPE ropes under extreme bending conditions.

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Where to buy

Only deepwater installation ropes made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your deepwater installation ropes with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.