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Stronger yet lighter Mooring & Tow Ropes

Handle bigger vessels faster and safer, with fewer crew

Mooring ropes and tow ropes with Dyneema® SK78 sets the performance benchmark. But the industry must also cut costs. They're lighter, stronger, and easier to handle than alternatives. Plus safer and more durable too.

Secure the giants of the oceans

Ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 last longer in demanding environments. They're ideal for handling oil and gas tankers, container ships, bulk cargo ships, naval vessels, and cruise ships.

  • Faster mooring operations
  • Consistent high quality from each and every fiber in the rope
  • Less accidents with limited rope backlash

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So you think all HMPE is the same?

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How Dyneema® SK78 helps to prevent rope failure

Dyneema® is both the world’s strongest fiber and the only HMPE fiber scientifically engineered to overcome abrasion, bending fatigue, compression, and creep fatigue. Challenges that are familiar to all users of mooring and tow ropes.

Find out the 4 reasons why ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer.

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BW Fleet Management chooses for mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78

At what point do you say “Enough!”? For BW Fleet Management (BW FM), that moment came when seven mooring lines failed on a single vessel during a berthing operation in Spain. So it decided to get radical and replace all its jacketed existing HMPE mooring ropes – with non-jacketed Samson 12-strand single-braid AmSteel®-Blue ropes made with Dyneema®. Problem solved.

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Minimal wear after six years in service on VLCC

Over six years, the Cosjade Lake saw 64 docking operations at an average of 30 minutes each. So after six years of securing operations for the approximately 300,000-ton Cosjade Lake, it was time for an inspection.

Read the story to find out how after six years of operations, the ropes could be capable of providing 10 years of service life.

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Refloating made possible, with Dyneema®

After the MV Benita, a bulk carrier headed to the South African city of Durban, was grounded on June 17, Five Oceans Salvage (FOS) was brought in to refloat the casualty after removing the 145 tons of fuel onboard the ship.

Learn how despite the harsh conditions, ropes made with Dyneema® were the only option both strong enough and light enough to help refloat the vessel.

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Dyneema® fiber does double duty to tow and tie up stricken Modern Express

Given the challenging situation, the salvors decided to use a towing connection made with Dyneema® fiber. There were two reasons: weight and handling. Ropes made with Dyneema® fiber are as strong as steel wire ropes of the same diameter, but seven times lighter.

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The Greenest Strength™

How does choosing Dyneema® help the environment? Together with partners in the value chain our vision is to help establish a circular economy case for ropes in the maritime industry.

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