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Maximum depth. Dyneema® Max Technology.

Mooring at maximum depth

The future for offshore oil production is in deep and ultra-deep water. Permanent mooring lines made with Dyneema® Max Technology delivers safety and time benefits in the planning, installation and operation of deep-water production.

More choices in riser and mooring design

Introducing the strongest, lightest and most durable solution for designing permanent mooring applications. Dyneema® Max Technology is developed specifically for the offshore market and the challenges of ultra-deep water production. For more choices in mooring and riser design, installation efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership.

Mooring at Maximum Depth. Dyneema® Max Technology

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Decrease project complexity

300% stiffer than Polyester, 70% lighter, and 30% thinner. For the design phase of your project it enables more freedom in mooring concepts and more choices in riser design. And it increases vessel flexibility; you can downsize with lighter reels carrying longer lengths.

Accelerating time to first oil

Because permanent mooring lines made with Dyneema® Max Technology are 70% lighter and 30% thinner than Polyester lines, installation can be much safer and faster. This project planning advantage accelerates time to first oil.

Meeting the highest creep demands

Dyneema® Max Technology combines the high performance properties of Dyneema® SK78 with a unique resistance to creep. Fully accredited, mooring ropes with Dyneema® Max Technology outperform all the alternatives, surpass industry standards for deep water moorings and will outlast the operational life of the installation. Use our creep design tool to support your design process – “Designing with HMPE’s Creep Property”

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Hunting for neutrinos with Dyneema®

Using Dyneema® DM20 in an ambitious project 2,5km down the ocean. KM3NeT needed ropes that provided the perfect tradeoff between strength, drag, and creep-resistance. Discover how Dyneema® offers crucial help in moving closer to realization. 

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