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Helping The Rigging Box, Inc. Further Its Commitment to Excellence

A heavy load to bear

Founded in 2007, The Rigging Box, Inc. offers the highest quality in rigging gear and material handling, servicing a wide range of industries, including construction, utility, bridge work, road work, marine, and port.

“I was very familiar with Dyneema®. I wanted Dyneema® fiber to be in our high-performance round slings because I knew it was the best.”

Selina Conrad, President, The Rigging Box, Inc.

SEO Optimized Sling Yarns™ made with Dyneema®

When The Rigging Box, Inc. needed a new sling yarn maker, President Selina Conrad turned to Atkins & Pearce, a 200-year-old family-owned textile company based out of Covington, KY, for help. Atkins & Pearce manufacturers sling yarns made with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. SEO Optimized Sling Yarns™ by Atkins & Pearce are specifically engineered to target the optimal strength efficiency for high-performance sling yarns and are manufactured in the U.S., a feature that Selina appreciated.

Prior to beginning her search, Selina had heard of DSM Dyneema, the inventor and manufacturer of Dyneema® fiber. “I was very familiar with Dyneema®,” she explains. “I wanted Dyneema® fiber to be in our high-performance round slings because I knew it was the best.”

Dyneema® delivers

The inherent properties of Dyneema® make it the best and most trusted fiber for sling yarns. Dyneema® offers unmatched tensile strength at a significantly lighter weight. In addition, Dyneema® is durable, floats on water, and has high chemical resistance. Dyneema® is also the most cut and abrasion resistant fiber for synthetic slings. And thanks to its lighter weight, Dyneema® can be managed more safely and easily by workers—speeding up operations and reducing costs. 

“I can say that through testing and experimenting, Dyneema® is stronger than its competitors.”

Selina Conrad, President, The Rigging Box, Inc.

A smoother ride

One key point of performance for SEO Sling Yarns™ made with Dyneema® is their ability to run evenly through round sling machines. “The construction of the SEO Sling Yarn™ bundle enables it to run smoothly through the machines without jeopardizing the properties of the fiber itself,” Selina explains. “Sling yarn from other manufacturers tends to snag on to the cover, causing damage to the yarn bundle.” 

Economic efficiencies

SEO Sling Yarns™ made with Dyneema® also offer cost savings for The Rigging Box, Inc. because the slings can be manufactured at the desired strength with less material than the product they previously used. “It’s quite a bit less material throughout the year when you consider that we’re making 20, 30, and 60-foot slings,” Selina says. 

The team at The Rigging Box, Inc. has put sling yarns made with Dyneema® to the test, and Selina firmly believes Dyneema® outperforms the competition. With other materials, such as aramid, Selina recalls seeing balls forming around the slings after use. “It looks like a cheap sweater. But those tiny balls are broken strands of fiber, and that weakens the integrity of the sling,” she explains. “During fabrication, sling yarns previously used from other manufacturers, tended to rub against each other causing yarn breakage to the fibers in the yarn.” 

“I’ve always believed in Dyneema®,” Selina reiterates. “I feel like by using Dyneema®, we’re providing our customers with the very best in terms of high-performance round slings.”

About Atkins & Pearce

Atkins & Pearce (est. 1817) is a leading manufacturer of braided technical textiles based in Covington, Kentucky. They produce and process industrial cordage and twine, coated insulation sleeving, tubing, expandable sleeving, lacing tapes, tie cords, candlewick, and custom braided textile products.

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