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Work smarter with Dyneema®

Enabling industry to work safer, deeper, longer, faster.

Heavy industry is changing. On land, sea and in the air, solutions with Dyneema® empower the industry to realize some of the world’s most ambitious projects. Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is being used in applications like ropes, chains, nets and slings. Together with our industry partners, we are co-developing solutions to improve performance, safety, durability and sustainability. Discover a smarter way of working.


Enabling larger and more efficient offshore wind farms.

Wind farms are moving farther from shore into deeper waters. The Windfloat Atlantic project will incorporate the largest and most powerful wind turbines ever installed onto a floating foundation at sea. The mooring system for this ambitious project will rely on Lankhorst Gama98® mooring ropes made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber, offering significant benefits for installation.

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Ensuring safer and faster lashing operations.

Every day each Janssen Group driver must charge, move and discharge various construction machines up to four times, requiring the installation and deinstallation of lashing chains. Switching from steel chains to chains made with Dyneema® speeds up this process, but, more importantly, it provides better, less-intensive working conditions. This has positive impacts for the wellbeing and long-term performance of Janssen’s employees.

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Pushing the limits of deepwater installations.

Today's deepwater oil and gas fields are pushing traditional steel wire rope beyond its limits, at depths of 2,000 meters and more, the self-weight of steel wire rope starts to limit crane and vessel payloads. This also impacts costs and complicates operations. Ropes with Dyneema® are as strong as steel wire rope at the same diameter - but are so light they float.

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Selecting mooring lines with high safety over time.

When BW Shipping Management experienced seven mooring lines failing on a single vessel during a berthing operation in Spain they knew it was time for radical change. To prevent a repeat, the company decided to replace all its existing HMPE mooring ropes with Samson Amsteel®-Blue ropes made with Dyneema® SK78.

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Mining with less maintenance and less downtime.

Steel wire ropes used in mining need to be changed often, resulting in downtime for operations. By replacing steel wire ropes with ropes made with Dyneema® maintenance can be reduced, resulting in greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

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