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High performance Sports Equipment

Reduce weight and increase performance

Dyneema® composites are increasingly indispensable in creating high-strength lightweight fabrics. By leveraging our proven expertise, Dyneema® fabrics can help industry innovators improve equipment specs by saving weight and increasing durability.

Tents and tarps that go above and beyond

The ultimate tents are made with Dyneema® Composite fabric. Lighter and stronger than Silicon Impregnated Nylon, the traditional ultra-light favorite, Dyneema® Composite fabric is also 100% rainproof and low-stretch, to resist sagging during temperature change. The fabrics have been widely used in all-season tents, performing well in all weather conditions and packing small.

Watch how the first tent with waterproof-breathable Dyneema® was developed


For the ultimate flight experience

Paragliding is the simplest and most serene way to fulfill humankind's oldest dream --a free flight. It’s about finesse and serenity. You should be able to rely fully on the equipment. Dyneema® in paragliding lines give you the highest paragliding experience, as it enables extreme lightweight and thin lines.

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Field Hockey sticks

The new field hockey sticks with Carbon with Dyneema® have the strength and ultralight weight of carbon hockey sticks, but with significantly reduced vibrations. This gives a unique shock absorbing effect while maintaining maximum power.

The result is a hockey stick that not only performs great, but feels great too. It's all about Power & Feel! Discover the possibilities Carbon with Dyneema® brings.

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High performance rigging and sailing cloth

We’re the materials leader in sails and rigging for everyone from the keen weekend yachtsman or woman, to open-ocean racers and medal-winning Olympic teams. Dyneema® fiber is ideal for making sailing lines and sailcloth. It’s extremely strong with low elongation and stretch handling. It doesn't absorb water, making it very light and easy to handle.

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Thinner and more accurate fishing lines that last

Beyond location, angling is all about strength, sensitivity, and flexibility. Fishing lines made with Dyneema® last longer despite being thinner. In fact, at up to half the thickness of a nylon fishing line of the same strength, lines made with Dyneema® are the thinnest available. Which means fishermen can cast further and more accurately.

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World champion hand cyclist Laura de Vaan's drive for performance

With her new seat made with Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites she has the confidence to push herself all the way. The seat and the fork are a unified unit, and it is much easier to form into an aerodynamic shape. “When I first used it in Rio it felt solid on the road. I pointed it and it went in that direction. Wind was not an influence. And I knew it was impossible to break.”