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The best Land Vehicle Armor

Greater protection against new threats

Faced with IEDs, EFPs, and other emerging threats, today's military vehicles require better protection. Yet speed, operating range, and agility are also more important than ever. Incorporating Dyneema® into armor design enables manufacturers to meet these challenges.

Enhanced speed and responsiveness

Lighter, stronger armor with Dyneema® is already used in vehicles ranging from APCs and Humvees to mine-protected vehicles.

  • Dyneema® HB grades are 40% lighter than aramids 
  • Lighter, faster, and more nimble vehicles roll over less 
  • Agile vehicles respond better in emergency situations

Discover our vehicle protection technologies

DSM Dyneema is again revolutionizing vehicle armor with the lightest materials ever seen in the industry: Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. It's a radical step change in armor innovation.  

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Dyneema® for components of military vehicles.

Multiple aspects of vehicle design are made safer, stronger, lighter and easier to operate with Dyneema®. Dyneema® offers significant benefits in e.g. spall liners, RPG protection and synthetic link.

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Why you should choose spall liners with Dyneema®

For many armor developers, vehicle designers and defense organizations, armor made with Dyneema® is seen as the future of ballistic protection - delivered today. See Dyneema® stopping power in action:

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Why you should choose spall liners with Dyneema®


Discover our ballistic grades

Dyneema® ballistic materials are available in a wide variety of grades for various requirements and conditions. We have what you need. See how we can help you here.  

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