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Heavy Lifting

Heavier loads. Greater risks. Less time.
Why get left behind with
yesterday’s lifting equipment?
Work smarter. Choose Dyneema® SK78.

On- and offshore construction and transport operations are scaling fast. Lifts of over 1,000 tonnes are increasingly regular and they’re now taking hours. During wind farm installation, multiple lifts are undertaken in one campaign, with changeover times decreasing to lower costs. And with risk avoidance a key industry priority, operators’ complete trust in their heavy lifting equipment is essential. With operating windows shrinking, and regulations increasing, why aren’t you using today’s most advanced lifting solutions?

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is helping the Heavy Lifting industry to realise increasingly ambitious engineering projects. On- and offshore construction workers and crane operators can lift greater loads further, higher and more quickly with Dyneema® offering them stronger, safer and more efficient equipment that is always up to the task.


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