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Lighter solutions for lifting and lashing

Work smarter with Dyneema®

Watch Mammoet put lifting solutions with Dyneema® to the test


As the heavy transportation and lifting market continues to evolve, operations are getting more complex, with increased demand on operators, equipment and the cost-efficiency of projects. Dyneema® is helping businesses to adapt to these demands and work smarter. The unique properties of Dyneema® make it the ideal material forsolutions like slings, synthetic link chains and hoist ropes, allowing operators to work faster and safer than with steel-based alternatives.

Heavy Lift Slings

Slings made with Dyneema® offer the same strength as steel at one-seventh of the weight, making them easier to maintain, inspect and repair, which increases uptime and cuts costs.

  • Soft and flexible for increased crew,
    cargo and structure safety
  • Floats on water and resistant to UV,
    chemicals and salt
  • Torque-free
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Synthetic Link Chains

Synthetic link chains made with Dyneema® benefit crews, cargos, and business efficiency. They're eight times stronger, and up to 85% lighter, than comparable steel link chain alternatives and light enough for one operator to use throughout an entire shift.

  • Easier handling and positioning saves time and money
  • Easy to shorten and less likely to damage cargo
  • Less noise means faster work with better communication
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Hoist Rope

Crane rope made with Dyneema® shows no stretch during lifting, is torque free, and can carry the same or bigger payloads than steel. They also show clear benefits in maintenance for both crews and equipment.

  • Faster to inspect and replace
  • No lubrication or fishhooks like steel wire rope
  • Suited as replacement of wire rope
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The benefits in more detail

In addition to being lighter, stronger and safer than steel, lifting solutions with Dyneema® are also more cost effective, reducing the risk of damage and enabling more durable and sustainable employability.

Download the infographic to get more details about the benefits of Dyneema®.

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Unmatched performance and reliability

Dyneema® has been trusted to lift some of the world’s heaviest loads. Learn more about the success stories made possible by working smarter with Dyneema®.

Reliable cut protection for roundslings

Cuts are often cited as a leading cause for synthetic roundsling failure, which is why it’s critical for operators to understand the dangers, and what steps should be taken to mitigate risks on the job.

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