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Ensuring safety at sea

Only with Dyneema®

Watch how Dyneema® helps secure the world's largest vessels


75% of all global LNG ships trust their operations with Dyneema®. That's because Dyneema® offers unmatched reliability, durability and performance in extreme conditions. In fact, research shows that severe temperatures have very limited impact on the strength and lifetime of Dyneema® fiber.

It's no wonder that Dyneema® has become the most trusted fiber brand in the maritime industry, with more than 10,000 km of mooring lines made with Dyneema® in service today.

Not all HMPE ropes are the same

While ensuring safety, mooring ropes face many challenges like abrasion, creep and exposure to extreme high or low temperatures for long periods of time. Dyneema® is the only fiber that has been scientifically engineered to overcome all these challenges.


Same strength ≠ same service life

To match the strength of a rope made with Dyneema® SK78, manufacturers who choose generic HMPE fiber must adapt their rope construction by increasing both the lay length of the strands and the braid period of the rope. This weaker construction, plus the intrinsically lower performance of generic HMPE, reduces service life and increases costs.

Trusted strength

When measured, Dyneema® SK78 matches its claimed strength of 35 cN/dtex, while other generic HMPE fibers show significant variation, being up to 22% lower in strength.

HMPE fibers from Dyneema® SK78 have consistent quality with each supply, thus securing the high quality of the products made from them.


Abrasion lifetime

Ropes with Dyneema® SK78 show an abrasion lifetime that is 4 times longer than generic HMPE. That’s why Dyneema® SK78 is regarded as the industry benchmark.

Creep lifetime

Ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 have up to 5 times longer creep lifetime compared to generic HMPE.

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How Dyneema® SK78 helps to prevent rope failure

The key to high-performance mooring and tow ropes is not only their design and construction, but also the fiber used to make them. Dyneema® is both the world’s strongest fiber and the only HMPE fiber scientifically engineered to overcome abrasion, bending fatigue, compression, and creep fatigue. Challenges that are familiar to all users of mooring and tow ropes.

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