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Renewable Energy

Enabling current technology and future innovations

Meeting climate change targets will require a mix of renewable energy solutions. Strong, lightweight, ‘Greenest Strength’ Dyneema® can help developers cut the cost of renewable energy today, and enable the innovative renewable technology we'll need going forward.

Wind Power Installation

Ropes, lines and slings made with Dyneema® are the optimum answer for constructing and operating onshore and offshore wind farms. From lifting and installing monopiles, nacelles and blades, to anchoring floating offshore wind farms, Dyneema® proves to be the most reliable and cost efficient solution.

Discover our wind power solutions:

Heavy lifting
Slings with Dyneema® SK78 lift monopiles, transition pieces, foundations and substations. Get the full details in our infographic.

Synthetic chains
Lash blades, nacelles and towers without damage. Get the real world benefits that count.

Tension leg mooring
Tendons with Dyneema® Max Technology meet industry requirements. Read more about the world’s strongest tendon.

Craneless lifting
Save money replacing blades, with winch-based lifting. Disover a new look at lifting with our craneless lifting system

Mooring solutions for floating offshore wind


Dyneema® Max Technology is the solution for mooring semi- submersible and TLP floating offshore wind platforms with multi mega-watt wind turbines.

Discover Dyneema® Max Technology

Wave and tidal power


Dyneema® Max Technology is a key enabler for one of the most promising marine renewable energy sources: wave and tidal power. It has the strength and low creep properties to keep wave and tidal turbines in position in challenging conditions for decades.

Hydroelectric power


Hydro-power barrier nets with Dyneema® combine the strength to keep out debris with the fine mesh to safeguard fish - without impairing water the flow.

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Solar power


Placing solar panels on floating platforms on water can significantly increase the amount of electricty each panel generates. Dyneema® is the key enabling technology behind the advanced, semi-permanent mooring systems that make this possible.

Safer, faster, cost efficient windfarm construction

The huge monopiles of a large UK offshore wind farm were positioned using slings made with Dyneema®. Light and strong, they saved time and money.

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The Greenest Strength™

How does choosing Dyneema® help the environment?

The world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema® is also the most environmentally friendly one. Dyneema® has the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength, making it perfect for sustainable and renewable energy uses.

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