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Innovation at DSM Dyneema

DSM Dyneema is a science-driven business that focuses on innovation for real-world applications.

DSM Dyneema is a science-driven business that focuses on innovation for real-world applications. Our goal is to bring the advantages of Dyneema® UHMwPE fiber to every industry, product and application where high strength and/or low weight are key. From advanced ropes to lightweight ballistic materials. From superior safety gloves to renewable energy. From high performance clothing to health care and more. Applied innovation is how we transform ‘Bright Science’ into ‘Brighter Living.’ Find examples below.

Introducing Black Dyneema®

Until now, Dyneema® fiber has only been available in its natural white color. There are some consumer applications where, although the mechanical and physical properties of natural colored Dyneema® provide a perfect fit, aesthetic considerations limit its use. With new Black Dyneema® the color is in the fiber, so it doesn't wear off and doesn't affect performance. Get inspired by all the opportunities that this new innovation brings.

What will you make with Black Dyneema®?

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Better lashing

Employing Dyneema® has delivered the greatest improvement in link-chain performance since they were invented more than 2000 years ago. Synthetic link chains with Dyneema® are eight times stronger, weight-for-weight, than comparable steel chains, and more than 85% lighter, on the same basis. They are soft, quiet, easy to handle and don’t whip back should they break. So as well as being the strongest and lightest solution for operators and loads, they are also the safest and most user-friendly solution for the people who handle them. Read more about this real innovation win.

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Maximize performance of the radar

Dyneema® Crystal Technology is a new technology platform of Dyneema® for radomes that provides reliable protection with no signal loss. The electromagnetic properties of Dyneema® Crystal Technology outperform all other materials used for radomes. It will give the radar system superior consistency and predictability.

Discover the result: maximum transparency and protection over a wide range of frequencies for military, commercial and telecom uses. 

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Sustainable clean energy

Strong yet light ropes plus strong, light and thin fabrics are the ideal basis for big advances in diverse renewable energy technologies and sustainable transport. Today, lifting slings and mooring ropes and tendons made with Dyneema® are being used to help build and install the next generation of larger wind turbines and foundations. We plan to work together with marine energy developers to harness the potential of tidele and wave energy. Explore how innovation with Dyneema® is helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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Stopping airborne debris

Airborne debris is the biggest threat to people during a hurricane, typhoon or tornado. High-velocity winds transform gravel, pieces of wood, roof tiles, trash cans and other everyday items into ballistic missiles that punch through doors, windows and walls. So why are we still shuttering doors and windows with wood when we could be using a ballistics-derived material to stop a ballistic threat? After all, we already have it: Dyneema® is already widely used to protect people and vehicles from bullets and bombs.

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The Tsunami Catcher

The conventional way to try to protect us from tsunamis and high tides is to build dikes and walls. But these destroy views and hinder access to the sea. So what about mobile walls, hidden until needed? They require digging and maintenance. Temporary panels? You need enough time to install them, and their maximum working height is limited. So how about a flexible barrier that will stop a tsunami, is hidden until needed and will deploy itself by floating into place? We even have the material – Dyneema®.

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Solar-powered driving

Racing 3,000 kilometers through the Australian Outback is not for the faint-hearted. Temperatures can top 50ºC, the roads are covered in dust and nature is at its most extreme. So it’s a tribute to Dyneema® fiber that it plays a part in the Nuon Solar Team’s entry to the 2015 World Solar Challenge – the Nuna8.

Dyneema® has been used to protect the underbody of the car against road debris and to secure the driver with a unique lightweight seatbelt. The team became world champion in 2015 (Australia) and 2016 (South Africa).

Ultra-high-speed cycling

Dyneema® fiber’s combination of high strength and low weight make it ideal for all kinds of high-performance situations, including one of the most spectacular of all – the Human Powered Vehicle challenge, held annually in Nevada. Dyneema® fiber has been used throughout the whole composite body of the vehicle to obtain maximum strength and safety at a lowest possible weight, which, using peddle power alone, can reach speeds of over 130 km/h.

Open Innovation

Are you an innovator? Do you have a great idea that involves applying Dyneema® in new ways? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. We’ll ensure your idea is forwarded for consideration by the person with the most relevant knowledge and expertise. We aim to respond within 30 days of your request. And while we can’t say what will happen next, we do promise to be open, honest and ethical in our dealings with you.

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