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Dietrich Wienke, Dyneema® Engineer

New Business Development Manager

"I like new business opportunities that are based on innovative technical solutions which are sustainable, ecological, and economical in the long-term. "

What drives me

I love developing new markets for UHMWPE fiber, especially when they involve new applications and different, new, form factors simultaneously. I feel particularly happy when customers and end users appreciate new applications made with Dyneema® that save them weight, fuel, energy, and time, and which are good for people’s health and environmentally friendly.

Eureka moment

The moment when, for the first time, my counterintuitive hypothesis was confirmed by experiment. This was that Dyneema® fiber could be hot-coated and cover-extruded at significantly higher temperatures than its own fiber melting point, without showing thermal degradation and while fully maintaining its superior fiber properties. Since then, the idea has been applied by our customers in various industries, such as, for example, to coat woven fabrics with hot melts and hot resins, and to cover extrude cables and ropes made from Dyneema® with plastomers. This makes me proud and gives me a kind of a double Eureka moment.

Rope Breakage Behaviour Of Dyneema® vs Steel Wire Rope

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Research & Technologies

I am fundamentally interested in the long-term behavior and lifetime performance of our fiber materials. I study their resistance to rough outdoor conditions as well as against mechanical degradation under the most extreme working conditions. I love thinking about and working on innovative form factors that use Dyneema® fiber as an enabling, load bearing fiber material. My project team and our customers are currently designing Synthetic Link Chains and Cover Extruded Power & Telecom Cables made with Dyneema®. Furthermore, we developed and commercialized exciting stuff like super-strong sewing thread, watertight cover extruded strong fabrics, and lightweight tough composite panels made with Dyneema® fiber. These new form factors found their way into distinct applications in various industries. Currently I am applying my research on:

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