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Harm van der Werff, Dyneema® Engineer

Principal Scientist

"I am fascinated by the link between the various properties of seemingly simple polyethylene molecules, and their potential to dramatically improve real-life applications"

What drives me

I want to understand and manipulate the molecules in our material to then be able to create unprecedented application properties.

Eureka moment

After making numerical models, the results showed, beautifully, just how we could improve our Life Protection materials. A few years later, we produced them successfully, and the performance improvement is game-changing. 

Dyneema® Force Multiplier

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Research & Technologies

My field of research is connecting and understanding the fundamental properties of Dyneema® products and how these properties impact upon their use and performance in specific applications. Furthermore I work on numerical modeling, fiber spinning and testing and ballistic experiments and investigations. I apply this (currently and in the past) on the following technologies:

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