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Marina Calazans, Dyneema® Engineer

R&D Project Engineer

"Curiosity and persistence are the keys to good research."

What drives me

At DSM Dyneema, we always have to make sure we protect our ideas, so we have to keep on thinking of ways to patent our new discoveries. What I love about DSM Dyneema is the freedom I have to work on my ideas and the space to explore new things! 

Eureka moment

Each time we take a product from lab scale to large scale and see it performing better than expected is a breakthrough. It’s very rewarding and motivating.

Dyneema® Force Multiplier

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Research & Technologies

My field of research is creating statistical models to predict the influence of certain process parameters in the performance of a material. In the past I applied this knowledge on the Force Multiplier Technology, Tape Technology. Currently I am working on:

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