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Martin Vlasblom, Dyneema® Engineer

Applied Research Manager

" I like to act in the field of product application and development, understanding failure and maximizing use."

What drives me

I like to work on complex issues and developments, reducing them to understandable manageable pieces that can be solved. My everyday challenge is to share our knowledge on the behavior and suitability of Dyneema® fiber types, supporting direct and indirect customers in their application development issues. Above that, it is exciting to see that our own developed predictive model is capable to describe accurately the material creep behavior in the application’s real use environment.

Eureka moment

For long time UHMWPE fibers were known for their sensitivity to static loads causing it to elongate over time, a phenomenon also known as creep. While characterizing some research fiber types based on alternative UHMWPE on the deformation under constant load, I realized that with one of these fibers, that showed extreme low creep deformations, permanent offshore mooring applications with Dyneema® would become within reach. Years after this moment, in 2012, we introduced it in the market as Dyneema® DM20 MaxTechnology fiber. It illustrates that extensive research at DSM Dyneema lead to an improvement of a fiber property that for long time was believed not to be possible on industrial scale.

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Understanding Creep


Research & Technologies

My work concerns the creep properties of Dyneema® fiber and related applications. At Dyneema I apply this (currently or in the past) in the following technologies and areas:

  • Dyneema® DM20 
  • Creep modelling of HMPE fibers 
  • Investigation on creep on heatsetted ropes 
  • Investigation on tension fatigue of ropes produced with Dyneema® fibers 
  • Investigation on shockloading at harbor towing ropes produced with Dyneema® fibers 
  • Internal Facts & Figures database on Dyneema® fiber and application properties 
  • Product development of 55dtex SK75, 165dtex SK75 and 1760dtex DM20

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