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Peto Verdaasdonk, Dyneema® Engineer

Applied Research Manager - High Performance Textiles

"Connecting to winning customers very early in development is key to success"

What drives me

I enjoy (understatement) being the missing link between the capabilities of our fiber, and the needs of our customers and their applications in the market place.

If the capability is not there, we will look to develop this, even if it requires an invention. That is where true innovation will come from: An invention which brings value to the market, both for our customers as well as DSM Dyneema. And it is great fun and excitement to see this grow from an idea on lab-scale to commercial products, in beautiful applications.

Eureka moment

Not so much a moment, but more a Eureka period, during the development of Dyneema® Diamond Technology, where we improved the value of the fiber in the cut resistance application by exploring routes unheard of before, via the addition of components to the base polymer. This has shown ability to increase the value brought by Dyneema® in much broader sense, no longer ‘just’ related to strength. 

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Introducing Black Dyneema®


My cases

Research & Technologies

My fields are material science, failure mechanisms, polyolefin chemistry, but also more oriented towards applied science, including fiber development and processing, such as use of additives, spin finishes, coatings, etc. I also work on further increasing the versatility of Dyneema® products and applications. For Dyneema I apply this (currently or in the past) in the following technologies:

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