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Rigo Bosman, Dyneema® Engineer

Application Development

"A new fiber is good, an economical feasible application based on this fiber is better…"

What drives me

Now already more than 25 years working with fibers, my main focus has always been translating fundamental fiber understanding into useful tools for designing and optimizing the performance of the fiber application. Application development is about bringing together requirements and fiber application design and determine the boundary conditions of its usage. Proper testing is an essential part of this. Optimization by iteration of the design in the end must lead to an economical feasible proposition.

Eureka moment

Certification development that lead to an RFQ for the innovative fiber Dyneema® SK78 mooring lines for 3 Mobile Drilling Units in the Gulf of Mexico.

Research & Technologies

By initiating fundamental research, I can use the results in my experimental research to get to a feasible application solution as soon as possible. Examples of this are the load sharing capability of DM20 fiber, damage accumulation concepts ofr fibers in use and yarn metal wear behavior (yarn-pin test). In the past I also worked in or researched rope bending, Mobile Drilling Units mooring systems for ultra-deep water, Pelastar floating windmill and Airborne Wind Energy systems. For Dyneema I apply this (currently or in the past) in the following technologies:

Upcoming presentation or lectures

2016 Conference of the International Federation of Knitting Technologists (IFKT) Rigo Bosman; “Securing future protein supply with Dyneema®

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