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Tim Kidd, Dyneema® Engineer

New Business Development Manager

"Elegance and beauty are born out of simplicity."

What drives me

My principle role is in new business development, working at the forefront of innovation. I search for new and meaningful connections between the great science and products we have in DSM and the external world by focusing on new markets and developing new and sustainable business for DSM Dyneema. I am a naturally curious person who likes to make sense out of nonsense. I've been at DSM for just over 11 years, coming from an R&D background and continuously moving towards applied/customer-driven innovation. I am driven by making connections – between people, problems and solutions, topics, etc... and trying to find new, different, and better ways to get things done. 

Eureka moment

Probably the one that stands out most in my mind comes from my PhD time, when I was the first person to make a complex interlocked molecule in almost quantitative yields through the careful design of the pre-cursor. Prior to my work, the typical yields for such molecules were as low as 10-20%. This confirmed to me that if you have the right starting blocks a remarkable and significant end result can be achieved with minimal additional effort. Let the molecule do the work! I believe this also holds true today when looking at the UHMWPE polymer and how we achieve our remarkable fiber performance.

Research & Technologies

My field of research is connecting and understanding the fundamental properties of Dyneema® products and how these properties impact upon their use and performance in specific applications. I apply this (currently and in the past on the following technologies:

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