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Black Dyneema®

Everything natural Dyneema® is, but black

Super strong and light, 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers on a weight-for-weight basis, Black Dyneema® is everything natural Dyneema® is, but black.

It's not a coating

Dyneema® fiber was originally only available in white. Which is fine for many applications. But there are some uses and situations where a dark color is desirable for aesthetics or usability. Unlike a coating, the black in Black Dyneema® is integral to the fiber. It’s not only on the surface, but runs all the way through. So it can’t wear off. And the breaking strength, stiffness, low elongation, low weight, durability, and resistance to UV and chemicals are exactly the same as you get with white Dyneema®. As is the consistent quality.

Perfect for so many needs

This enhancement to Dyneema® fiber reflects our commitment to continuous innovation. Made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, just like natural Dyneema® fiber, Black Dyneema® is ideal when you want something that's invisible or nearly invisible. So it's perfect for high-performance apparel and sports equipment, for fishing lines, yachting lines and sail cloth, for aquaculture nets, maritime lines, ropes and slings, car seatbelts, and stylish military underwear with anti-ballistic properties.

Introducing Black Dyneema®

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The color of permanent black Dyneema® is in the fiber, so it won't wear off. And there are no compromises on breaking strength or stiffness, either. Elongation, weight, durability, and quality are also exactly the same as natural Dyneema®. The only difference is the color - the fusion of market needs, science, technology, and engineering.

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