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Where to buy Dyneema® fibers

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EuroFibers is a reliable and innovative partner in the technical textile industry, focusing on high performance fibers like Dyneema®.

EuroFibers has plants in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. There, the company explores and develops smart fiber solutions that enhance performance and reduce system cost. Applications include cotton reinforcement, paragliding lines, mooring ropes, protective clothing, and much more.

Contact EuroFibers if you are based in any of these countries:

Andorra Ireland Portugal United Kingdom
Belgium Italy Russia  
Cyprus Luxembourg San Marino  
Denmark Malta South Africa  
Finland Monaco Spain  
France Netherlands Sweden  
Greece Norway Turkey  

Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG

Grushswitz Textilwerke AG is a very knowledgable and reliable partner for DSM Dyneema.

Drawing on the input of customers, and forward-thinking production and service, Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG develops innovative products and solutions in technical textiles, creating powerful partnerships that fulfil every customer requirement.

Contact Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG if you are based in any of these countries:

Austria Estonia Romania Ukraine
Albania Germany Russia  
Belarus Hungary Serbia
Bosnia - Herzegovina Latvia Slovakia
Bulgaria Liechtenstein Slovenia
Croatia Macedonia Switzerland
Czech Republic Poland Turkey  

Atkins & Pearce

Atkins & Pearce is a diverse technical textile manufacturer with 200 years of experience. Located in North America, the company develops, customizes, and manufacture products in a wide range of industries for leading companies around the world. Its products range from electrical sleeving and expandable monofilament, to candle wick, lacing tapes, and tie cords.

Atkins & Pearce is a highly reliable supplier and manufacturer of technical textiles, and partners with its customers to develop new solutions.

Contact Atkins & Pearce if you are based in any of these countries:

U.S.A. El Salvador
Canada Guatemala
Mexico Honduras
Belize Nicaragua
Costa Rica   

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