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Dyneema® Tape

Versatile tape technology

Dyneema® Tape offers excellent strength, impact resistance, electromagnetic transparency and thermal conductivity, outperforming aramids at a competitive price. It's ideal for use in armor, radomes, medical equipment, and electronics.

A soft, strong, resin-free tape technology

Dyneema® Tape is made by transforming UHMWPE powder into sheets. These sheets can be used as they are, or drawn and cut to create a tape that can be further processed by weaving and calendaring.


  • Meets leading global standards for ballistic protection
  • Typically used to make armor, spall liners, and radomes
  • Increasingly used in medical equipment, electronics, and more

Dyneema® Tape grades

Dyneema® Tape is available in several grades for various requirements and provides the basis for one of our advanced Technology Platforms: Dyneema® Crystal Technology for radar systems.

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