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Believe the Impossible

Toyota Motorsport conquered
Le Mans 2018

Get the inside line on a high-tech challenge


The most significant and exciting car at this year’s Le Mans race turned out to be the Toyota TS050. A groundbreaking hybrid with a highly efficient 1,000hp powertrain and breakthroughs in aerodynamics, using DSM’s high-performance materials. Materials like advanced engineering plastics, breakthrough 3D printing, fused filament fabrication, and Carbon with Dyneema®. The film tells the story of Toyota Motorsport conquering Le Mans.

Toyota Motorsport and DSM: An ultimate partnership

When DSM and Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) signed a technology partnership in November 2017, it paved the way for a unique, company-wide collaboration. Working with DSM, TMG has developed and piloted new engineering solutions and tested and evaluated a number of our existing DSM products for the automotive industry.

With the industry constantly looking to reduce weight, enhance strength, and extend durability, Le Mans 2018 was the perfect challenge to show the benefits of advanced DSM technologies. And so they did, they won!

Why strengthen Carbon with Dyneema®

Pure carbon is light and strong, but it does tend to shatter under high-impact loads. Combine carbon with Dyneema® fiber, however, and you can engineer composites that handle impact forces 50% to 100% higher than carbon alone. Without adding weight.

This makes Carbon with Dyneema® ideal for any application that could benefit from being stiffer, lighter, more ductile and less prone to vibration. From airplane fuselages to surf boards, and tennis rackets to bicycle frames. Not forgetting racing cars too.

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