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DSM Dyneema introduces Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology at Defexpo 2014 India

New Dehli, India, 06 February 2014 - Revolutionary solution for soft and hard ballistic armor enables manufacturers to meet current and future India defense demands for enhanced protection and coverage while minimizing weight. DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMwPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema®, and world leader in life protection materials and high performance fibers, today introduced its new innovation platform Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology to the Indian market at Defexpo 2014, India. This new breakthrough innovation platform delivers products for use in soft and hard ballistic armor addresses increasing demands in India’s defense sector, including requirements for a higher level of protection and expanded protection area, as well as the adoption of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).06 standard – which are intensifying the need to reduce the weight of protective gear.

Built on DSM Dyneema’s Radical Innovation platform, Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology delivers products with a unique combination of exceptional ballistic performance and the lightest weight and lowest profile of any ballistic material currently on the market. Depending on the protection level required for the armor application, it can provide up to 30 percent weight reduction.

“With growing requirements for uncompromising ballistic protection and armor weight reduction in soldier modernization programs worldwide, including India, the industry is looking towards new material technologies that can deliver significant improvements,” said Shitij Chabba, Global Segment Director, Life Protection. “Our new Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology can help India meet its defense needs by enabling manufacturers to create innovative next-generation designs, increase protection without adding weight or bulk, and optimize usability. We strongly believe that this advanced innovation platform will define future standards in life protection, including soldier modernization.”

Meeting India’s Need for Lighter Life Protection

Several important factors are contributing to the need for lightweight life protection solutions for India’s defense market. First, increased levels of ballistic protection against stronger threats such as the 7.62 x 39mm AK47 Kirkee and 7.62 x 51mm SLR ammunitions call for significantly higher levels of protection that traditionally add weight. Second, the industry is looking towards more/extended protection coverage for the body which can also add weight and even impede movement. Finally, as India shifts to the NIJ.06 standard for protective vests, compliance can lead to less flexible designs as well.

To meet India’s demand for enhanced protection, DSM’s new radical innovation platform, Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology, provides top ballistic performance combined with light weight and flexibility for enhanced comfort and agility for both military and law enforcement personnel. Furthermore, it provides greater range, agility and capacity for vehicles, while providing extreme protection against the latest threats.

“Dyneema® is well-known in India since the 1990s as the material of choice in many defense programs which require higher ballistic protection at a lighter weight. The introduction of Dyneema® Force Mulitplier Technology will enhance India’s defense sector with a new innovative dimension to meet their current and future requirements, and set new ballistic protection standards for the Indian defense market,” said Nicole Ng, Marketing Manager, Life Protection, Asia Pacific.

In additon, DSM Dyneema’s new Asia Pacific Technical Center in Singapore is well positioned to support innovative and technical needs of customers in India for lightweight, high-performance composite armor solutions with Dyneema®. The center offers extensive ballistic testing capability for evaluating and validating the performance of personal and vehicle armor concepts and applications made with Dyneema®.

DSM Dyneema is showcasing Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology here at Defexpo 2014, New Delhi, India at Hall 11, Booth number 11.17.1. The company is inviting the media and invited guests to tea sessions at the booth on Feb. 6 and 7 from 3:45 to 4:30 p.m., hosted by Shitij Chabba, Global Segment Director, Life Protection; Dr. Alex Yong, Regional Manager, Applications Development & Technical Service, Asia Pacific; and Nicole Ng, Marketing Manager, Life Protection, Asia Pacific.

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