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Ejendals introduces cut resistant glove with Dyneema® Diamond Technology that feels like a second skin.

Netherlands, 08 April 2014 - Lightweight style 909 incorporates finest yarn available for maximum wearer comfort At SAWO 2014 (09-15 April 2014 in Poznań, Poland), Ejendals, a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and marketing of quality products that protect hands and feet, will introduce its latest glove, model 909, which incorporates Dyneema® Diamond Technology. The new glove is designed specifically for applications requiring very good dexterity with cool feel and meets level 3 cut resistance standards according to EN388 making it ideal for high precision handling of small components.

The 909 glove is made with DSM’s innovation platform Dyneema® Diamond Technology. The key feature of this technology is that it is twice as thin as the regular yarn normally used in cut level 3 gloves. This enables the finest knitting structure possible for seamless knitted gloves achieving a level 3 cut resistance, resulting in exceptional dexterity and tactility combined with light weight. These factors make the glove easy to wear with less user fatigue. The glove combines Dyneema® Diamond Technology yarn with Nylon and Spandex and includes polyurethane palm coating. Another unique performance characteristic adds an element of costs-effectiveness to the Ejendals 909 glove’s profile; the product maintains performance through multiple washings, lengthening usable life of each pair.

With the new glove, Ejendals sets out to meet the need for a high level of cut resistance, combined with maximum wearer comfort. Niclas Wiklund, Product Manager of Ejendals, explains: “We previously produced three Ejendals Tegera gloves using Dyneema® Diamond Technology. After the success of these gloves, we are proud to introduce a glove that is cut resistant and offers dexterity as a second skin. This is made possible with the newly introduced super fine grade of Dyneema® Diamond Technology that became available in August 2013.”

“The basic idea for these new gloves came from our close cooperation with many end-users. We started the process several years ago with one clear objective: to make the best cut-resistant level 3 glove on the market. This is not an easy task, as we need to deliver maximum strength with the best tactile performance. Because we refuse to jeopardize the protection level, we choose to work only with the best materials. For cut-resistance, there is only one option: Dyneema® Diamond Technology.” Mr. Wiklund adds: “I also want to mention the support from and the team feeling created by the skilled and service minded people at DSM Dyneema. In fact, we share the same vision: we do not only sell gloves - we protect hands.”

According to Olivier Boubeaud, global segment director, High Protective Textiles, DSM Dyneema, the new breakthrough technology meets a global market need: “Dyneema® Diamond Technology is rapidly becoming the new standard in cut resistant gloves as wearers look for the ideal combination of high protection and high comfort.”

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