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DSM Dyneema showcases innovations in vehicle armor from industry leaders featuring Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology at Eurosatory 2014.

Paris, 16 June 2014 - DSM Dyneema showcases innovations in vehicle armor from industry leaders featuring Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology at Eurosatory 2014. TenCate and Rheinmetall armor solutions for aerospace and naval applications target challenges of new operating environments, proliferating electronics and extended supply chains Here at Eurosatory 2014, DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema®, and a world leader in life protection materials and high-performance fibers, is showcasing innovative vehicle armor solutions based on its industry-leading Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. Aerospace and naval armor solutions from TenCate Advanced Armour and Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection GmbH, respectively, leverage this radical breakthrough in protection to address three major trends for light tactical interdiction vehicles: new operating environments, increasing weight from electronics and extended fuel supply chains. Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology platform delivers exceptional ballistic performance and the lightest weight and lowest profile for enhanced protection. To formally present this breakthrough to customers, DSM Dyneema will host a champagne toast at its booth (#6J373), on Tuesday, June 17 at 14:30. “We are spotlighting two major vehicle protection applications to showcase the extreme performance and multiple benefits of Dyneema® Force Multipler Technology,” said Shitij Chabba, Global Business Segment Director, DSM Dyneema. “These game changing aerospace and naval solutions from two industry leaders epitomize the value of our revolutionary technology platform for vehicle armor and build on our success in personal protection applications. Our ongoing collaboration with both TenCate and Rheinmetall demonstrates the disruptive power of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology to drive the evolution of leading-edge ballistic protection.”

In contrast to vehicle armor made from traditional materials such as ceramics, glass, and aramid that can negatively impact speed, agility, range and payload capacity, solutions engineered with Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology can reduce weight by up to 25 percent.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is the only fiber that can be used to create a comfortable, thin, supple glove that guarantees up to Level 5 protection, making the level of protection these gloves offer similar to that provided by gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel. However, gloves made with this advanced technology remain lightweight and flexible.

Built on DSM Dyneema’s Radical Innovation Platform, this technology combines breakthroughs in polymer science, next-generation UHMwPE fiber technology and unique uni-directional engineering.

Two Innovative Companies Change the Game in Aerospace Armor

“We are very proud of our new helicopter armor solution made possible by DSM Dyneema’s technology, expertise and support,” said Steen Tanderup, Managing Director, TenCate. “The exceptional armor technology and low weight of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology made it an obvious candidate as we set out to develop our solution. We know our customers in the aerospace sector will be very satisfied with the results.”

Close Collaboration Brings Innovation to Naval Sector

“Rheinmetall is known for innovative, high-quality naval solutions - a reputation that stems from creating consistently superior products,” said Onno’t Hart, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection. “We are able to achieve this quality by selecting only top suppliers as collaboration partners, companies that bring their own valued solutions. With DSM Dyneema’s advanced technology and expertise, we were able to pioneer a uniquely lightweight armor solution for our new anti-piracy protection solutions that does not compromise on protection.”

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