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Dyneema® Diamond Technology

More comfort and cut-resistance is more cost-effective

Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology utilize the world's most advanced cut-resistant material. Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is 40% lighter (less dense) than aramid fiber and offers double the cut resistance over standard Dyneema® fiber.

The result is similar performance to gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel. But then lighter, cooler, more flexible, and longer lasting.

High cut performance with much thinner fibers

Gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology are ideal for tough environments. These include the steel, automotive, glass, and paper industries, appliance manufacturing, food processing, and construction.

  • Grasp small objects and perform precision tasks more easily
  • Keep hands cooler, outlast alternatives, easy to launder
  • Gloves workers will wear

Dexterity and protection

Dyneema® Diamond Technology enables glove manufacturers to create the perfect products to protect workers. They can choose to develop gloves that are thinner yet with the same cut protection. Or create gloves of the same thickness but with twice the cut protection.

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Where to buy

Only Cut Resistant Gloves made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your Cut Resistant Glove with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.