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Cut protection.
For the toughest working hands

Let's create the world's safest hands

The toughest jobs need the toughest and most advanced cut protection. Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology deliver next level cut protection, user dexterity and comfort. From working with raw metal sheets, fine and sharp metal parts to cutting, machining and assembly - work tough without cuts.

Get the facts about how Dyneema® Diamond Technology delivers the next level up in cut protection and comfort

Dyneema® Diamond Technology, the world’s most advanced cut resistant fiber delivers an unmatched combination of cut protection, dexterity and comfort.

For your heavy duty works, gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology provide greater and reliable cut protection performance without the discomfort of glass, basalt and steel fiber reinforcements.

So hands stay cool and protected even during the hottest, longest working shift. 

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Experience the next level in advanced cut protection technology.

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Dyneema® Diamond Technology

Discover the world's most advanced cut resistant fiber

Where to buy

Only the world’s leading glove brands are granted access to Dyneema® Diamond Technology. Click and find out more about heavy duty gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology from our official partners below: